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Introducing our chosen charity for 2023: Faith in Families

15 May 2023

A Swansea and Brecon-based charity aiming to build brighter futures for children in the area, Faith in Families provides support services for children, young people and their families — and we couldn’t be happier to have selected the organisation as our chosen charity for 2023. To date we’ve raised over £10k in charitable donations, and… Read More >

Green Workplaces: A Guide to Turning Your Office Eco-Friendly

Green Workplaces: A Guide to Turning Your Office Eco-Friendly

12 August 2021

In the modern era, being environmentally friendly and sustainable are key to facilities management and businesses in all industries to save money, time, and contribute to the wider green initiatives and expectations in the UK. Turning your business into a green workplace will benefit not just the environment but the business as a whole. What… Read More >

What is a Thermal Engineer and What is Their Role in Facility Management?

What is a Thermal Engineer and What is Their Role in Facility Management?

6 August 2021

Thermal engineering is a complex, specialised area of mechanical engineering that can be difficult to understand. National Thermal Engineer Day is celebrated in July, so in celebration, we are looking into what thermal engineers do and what they bring to the world of Facility Management (FM). What is Thermal Engineering and What Does a Thermal… Read More >

Grounds Maintenance Tasks for Summer

5 July 2021

Groundskeeping and maintenance is a key soft service in Facilities Management, keeping the outdoor areas of your facility looking fresh and healthy. Seasonality should play a vital role in the annual planning of your grounds maintenance, due to the varying weather conditions throughout the year and seasonal needs of plants and foliage. This summer, keep on top of your facility’s grounds maintenance by focusing on the following areas. Grass Cutting Overgrown… Read More >

Everything You Need to Know About Office Fire Safety

2 July 2021

As a facility manager, you are responsible to ensure the safety, comfort, and wellbeing of staff, visitors, and anyone else in the building. Office fire safety, including fire safety plans and systems, is one of many important aspects of facility management, ensuring the safety of anyone using the facilities and the building itself. Responsibility for Office Fire Safety Responsibility… Read More >

FSG blog HVAC Technology

National HVAC Technology Day: HVAC Systems Explained

11 June 2021

Facilities management comprises ‘hard services’ and ‘soft services,’ with the former relating to functionally important (such as mechanical and electrical) systems and the latter to less structural services such as cleaning and grounds maintenance. Inspired by National HVAC Technology Day (22 June), we’re spreading the importance of HVAC systems as part of hard facilities management services. What Does HVAC Mean? HVAC stands for Heating,… Read More >

FSG blog image for planned scheduled maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance Services: What, When, and Why?

Most businesses require scheduled maintenance in one form or another. From regular HVAC inspections to fire and security alarm checks, planned maintenance tasks are key in keeping facilities running smoothly and efficiently with minimal down periods or costly repairs. What is Scheduled Maintenance/PPM? In facility management, scheduled maintenance – or Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) – refers to the “proactive approach to… Read More >

How Facility Management Can Improve Workplace Productivity

5 February 2021

Workplace productivity is vital. The output of employees and the effectiveness of systems is, essentially, what makes a business grow and thrive. A productive workplace has the power to improve customer service, lower operational costs and increase profits. While technology and staff incentives are great ways to boost workplace productivity, taking a look at the… Read More >

Facility Management Tasks for Autumn and Winter

5 October 2020

The summer is finally over, and the colder weather is approaching. When it comes to building maintenance and facility management, autumn and winter bring a whole new set of challenges - so it makes sense to be prepared. Without careful planning, the plummeting temperatures could present you with problems both inside the building, and around… Read More >

We are in no doubt that having FSG on board has been a key factor in the early success and rapid growth of our new company.

Chris Hughes | Director | Skyscape Property Management Ltd

FSG are extremely customer focused and are particularly adept at finding solutions, they take ownership of a problem rather than simply processing the issues.

Clare Jenkins | Savills Management Resources, The Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff

Facilities management is not our core business. We are here to provide specialist services and with FSG working with us, we can focus on just that. Over the last 12 months, FSG have been tremendous.

Nicola Thomas | Adferiad Recovery

Our working relationship began with one emergency. That was well over ten years ago and FSG is the team I rely on every day.

Gareth Harries | Property Manager | Ethos

FSG are a superb supplier who go above and beyond to deliver consistently high levels of service. Their ability to work in some difficult and challenging circumstances has been truly impressive.

Emma Bloomfield | Facilities Manager | Arvato CRM Solutions

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